Byco to speak at American Society of Safety Professionals Conference

KARACHI: Pakistan’s leading oil refining company, Byco Petroleum Pakistan Ltd. (BPPL) is supporting the second Safety Professional Development Conference (PDC 2018) to be held on 7-8 December at the Karachi Marriott.

The conference’s purpose is to engage stakeholders to effectively support the government’s human development agenda. Occupational Safety & Health is an inter-disciplinary field concerned with the health, safety, and the welfare of people at work.

Byco’s General Manager Environment, Health, and Safety Mr. Rehan Sajjad Mughal, will address the conference on ‘Process Safety Management (PSM)’ on Friday.

“Process Safety Management is an analytical tool that entails the management and prevention of releases of hazardous chemicals thus focusing on maintaining a safe workplace and a sound environment”, said Mr. Mughal. Speaking about Byco’s participation, Mughal stated, “Byco’s patronage of this important conference reaffirms our commitment to Environment, Health, Safety & Security, as incorporated in our governance.

Maintaining safety at the workplace and the environment where we operate is of utmost importance for all stakeholders that are directly and indirectly associated with our business,’ expressed, Mughal, “as a progressive and responsible entity, we take all essential steps to ensure safety not just at work but beyond it as part of our standard SOPs. Process Safety Management focuses on the prevention of losses of containment (leaks) which can cause fires, explosions, and/or the release of toxic substances.

Byco employs global best practices in Health Safety and Environment (HSE) and complies with all applicable international EHS standards.”

The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) is the oldest professional safety society and was established in 1911 having 37,000 professional members worldwide who represented over 75 countries.

The PDC will bring all the stakeholders from government, employers, workers, academia, professionals, and civil society together for an effective, meaningful and result-oriented discussion & consultation on this vital subject to meet the future challenges of growth and sustainability.

It will also provide a clear vision for developing modern OSH legislation and capacity building of the enforcing authorities as well as the employer and employees. The proceedings and recommendations of the PDC will be compiled and published for distribution to all stake holders after the event.

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