Business of smuggled goods set to surge as ASO of MCC Preventive is open for business

KARACHI: Influx and sale of smuggled goods is set to surge as the ASO of MCC Preventive has been rendered toothless with the transfer of Superintendent Iftikhar Hasan to MCC JIAP, sources said. Market is abuzz with the news that ASO of MCC Preventive is now open for business with… Continue reading

In a questionable move, Chief Collector removes Superintendent Iftikhar Hasan from ASO Preventive

KARACHI: Chief Collector Enforcement South Saifuddin Junejo has transferred Superintendent Iftikhar Hasan from MCC Preventive Karachi to MCC JIAP, a move that would adversely impact the anti-smuggling drive underway. It may be mentioned here that Chief Collectors were given the powers to transfer officials and officers ranging BS01 to BS-19,… Continue reading