Prime Minister should deregulate petrol prices – Malik Khuda Bakhsh

This will ensure cheap fuel supply, Station owners: Karachi: Petroleum stations owners and dealers have urged the Government to regulate the rates of petrol. Malik Khuda Bakhsh, Leader of Station Owners, requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to deregulate petrol and diesel prices to provide benefits to consumers and end the… Continue reading

Pakistan raises petrol and diesel prices by about Rs4.5 while global oil price falls

KARACHI: The government has decided to revise prices of petroleum products for the month of June 2019. The decision comes despite the fact Brent Crude prices have fallen 15% from 2019 peak. The price per liter of MS (Petrol) is increased by Rs4.26 to Rs112.68 from Rs108.42 earlier. OGRA had… Continue reading

Petroleum products prices increased by upto Rs4.75/litre

KARACHI: The government has increased the prices of petroleum products, in the range of Rs2.5 to Rs4.75 per litre for the month of March 2019. The price of Motor Spirit (Petrol) 92-RON is raised by Rs2.5 to Rs92.88/litre. Price of High Speed Diesel (HSD) is increased by Rs4.75 to Rs111.43/lire…. Continue reading