Customs Peshawar seizes 4 truck load of smuggled goods

PESHAWAR: Customs Preventive Peshawar with the assistance of Peshawar Police seized four trucks loaded with smuggled goods at Barhbeer. Information was passed through Collector Preventive Malik Kamran Azam Khan to Additional Collector Jan Bahadur that large quantity of smuggled goods would be transported to Peshawar from Baluchistan in the garb… Continue reading

Exporter, clearing agent for exporting turtles

KARACHI: Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation–FBR (Customs Enforcement) has lodged against M/s Al Hameed Enterprises and M/s SARAS International clearing agents for smuggling out black spotted turtles in the garb of fresh potatoes. According to details of the case Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad communicated an… Continue reading