Customs Intelligence and Investigation seizes 139,000 liters of smuggled diesel

QUETTA: Customs Intelligence and Investigation Quetta has recovered 139,000 liters of smuggled diesel of Iran origin from several vehicles, which was being transported to various distribution centers in the country. The value of the seized commodity comes to Rs10.7 million approximately. The vehicles used in the transportation of the smuggled… Continue reading

FIR lodged against Intelligence Officer Hamid Habib

KARACHI: Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation Quetta has lodged an FIR against Hamid Habib, an Intelligence Officer of BS-16 for alleged inefficiency and misconduct, which the Customs officials term victimization as Hamid Habib had approached higher authorities and court complaining against the rampant corruption at the Directorate General of… Continue reading

NAB investigates Customs Intelligence, Quetta

KARACHI: NAB Baluchistan has initiated an inquiry against officials and officers of Customs Intelligence, Quetta and requested Collector Quetta to depute an officer of BS-17 who is well versed with the matter as departmental representative. NAB has also sought details of government approved auctions for MCC Quetta and Directorate of… Continue reading

FC Baluchistan refuses to accept Customs Adjudication’s orders

KARACHI: The Frontier Constabulary (FC) Baluchistan has refused to release 2000 plastic bags as advised by the Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation Quetta because Customs officials have under-reported the quantity of seized goods. On July 05, 2017 FC seized 22 trucks from a godown of smugglers in Mastung having… Continue reading