Customs Hyderabad seizes smuggled betel nut

HYDERABAD: Customs Hyderabad has seized 20 tons of smuggled betel nut, which was being transported from Quetta to Karachi in a 10-wheeler truck. Information was passed through Collector Abdul Qadir Memon that smuggled goods would be moved from Quetta to Karachi, and subsequently the vehicle was intercepted at Jamshoro. The… Continue reading

Smugglers and Customs Hyderabad collaborate to form a mega smuggling enterprise

KARACHI: A grand plan is jointly prepared by the smugglers and certain staff of Customs to support and facilitate organized smuggling, while the deals between smugglers and Customs officers have already been finalized, sources said. According to sources Customs Hyderabad is at the center of this entire game, which would… Continue reading

MCC Hyderabad seizes large quantity of betel nut

HYDERABAD: Customs Hyderabad has seized large quantity of betel nut. The current market value of the recovered betel nuts is Rs.13.5 Million and that of vehicle is Rs.3 Million. Total value of the case is Rs.16.5 Million. One persons has been arrested and FIR is being lodged. Further progress will… Continue reading

SHC adjourns contempt proceedings against Additional Collector, Customs Hyderabad

KARACHI: The hearing of a contempt of court proceedings against Additional Collector, Customs, Hyderabad and others was adjourned till Friday, Feb 19 by a divisional bench of High Court of Sindh here Wednesday. The bench comprising Justice Munib Akhtar and Justice Sadiq Hussain Bhatti earlier head the counsel for applicant/petitioner… Continue reading