Motorcycle Parts Not a Consumer item should be removed from 3rd schedule List

KARACHI: Chairman Khalid Waheed, All Pakistan Motorcycle Spare Parts Importer & Dealer Association (APMSPIDA) said that Motorcycle spare parts not a consumer item it should be removed from 3rd Schedule list which was included through STGO No 103/2019 Dated: 04.07.2019 For Commercial Imports is totally impracticable at import stage. He… Continue reading

KCCI requested to assist in dealing with exorbitant duties, taxes on motorcycle spare parts

KARACHI: A delegation from All Pakistan Motorcycle Spare Parts Importers & Dealers Association (APMSPIDA), while highlighting some major issues being faced by APMSPIDA members, sought KCCI’s assistances in convincing the authorities to reduce the exorbitant duties and taxes particularly 35 percent Custom Duty and 11 percent Additional Duty on import… Continue reading