FBR’s Vigilance Committee installs Customs ownership boards on encroached land

KARACHI: A team of Customs Officials under the supervision of Mr. Anwer Iqbal, Member Vigilance Committee for FBR’s Lands in Sindh, conducted an operation in Maurypur, Karachi today. The team installed Customs ownership signboards on 960 acres of land located in Land Customs Estate Maurypur, Karachi which is a part… Continue reading

Anwer Iqbal meets Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh

KARACHI: Anwer Iqbal, Member of Vigilance Committee for FBR’s Lands in Sindh, met with Federal Minister of Finance and Revenue Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh and apprised him about the Customs land under illegal occupation and the role Vigilance Committee was playing in vacating these lands and the problems they were… Continue reading