Special Messages On 26-January-2017 International Customs Day

General Secretary Raja Waseem

Information Secretary Sardar Ameen Farooqi

Joint Secretary Qasim Sheikh

Senior Vice President Shafi ullah

Pakistan Customs Appraising Officers Association

Pakistan Customs Appraising Officers Association is observing World Customs Day on January 26, 2017 and committed to facilitate trade and promote digitization to ensure complete compliance of the mandate accorded to Customs.

The WCO announced that 2017 will be dedicated to promoting data analysis under the slogan “Data Analysis for Effective Border Management”. WCO Members will thus be called upon to further promote their efforts and initiatives in a sector that is becoming a key element in Customs modernization process: collecting and analyzing data.

There is a need to cope with the changing developments in international trade and Customs has devised a well planned strategy beginning with the development of a skilled human resource and modern cargo clearance system which is the most important element of development process. In line with this, Pakistan Customs has modernized its procedures and processes to keep up with development in trade and international customs agreements.

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