Special Messages On 26-January-2017 International Customs Day

Muhammad Zahid Khokar Chief collector customs (Enforcement South) Karachi

It gives me pleasure to write a few warm sentences for the Customs Fraternity on the Eve of 26th January, 2017 “International Customs Day”. The Global digitalizing has brought remarkable changes in Customs Operations worldwide in data collection and its subsequent analysis. The WCO has rightly dedicated the year -2017 for promotion of data analysis under the slogan “Data Analysis for effective Border Management” in order to make this earth a place where peace and tranquility ; safety and  prosperity may reign supreme .

Globalization is inescapable and resulting in an increasingly complex world. The world is interconnected as reflected by expanded flows of goods, people, capital, information and technology. It is becoming easier to conduct business internationally. This provides countries with opportunity to fast–track economic growth and development through increased international trade. Globalization is not only beneficial to legal trade but it is also providing an opportunity for illegal trade as criminals across the world are also benefitting by more integrated markets and free movement of people, goods and money across the international borders. These developments sometimes ensue complexities and risks. The lack of effective controls in such risks may undermine gains that have been achieved.  This backdrop has engendered an active response from the World Customs Organization (WCO) which has devised an action plan for Global trade facilitation coupled with utmost security.  Hence, the WCO has dedicated this year’s International Customs Day under the slogan “Data Analysis for Effective Border Management

The geo-strategic position of Pakistan calls for effective border management and Pakistan customs has always been front line agency for effective border management of our mother land. Customs is no longer only a collector of state revenues at border but is also responsible for administering international trade as well as securing the economy and society viz-e-viz cross border movements of both goods as well as passengers. The WCO provides leadership, guidance and support to the customs administration so as to secure and facilitate legitimate trade, realize revenues, protect society and build capacity. Pakistan being an active member of WCO is committed to modernize Pakistan customs according to the International standards and global best practices.

Pakistan Customs has already started making rapid stride in modernization process viz-e-viz “Collection & Data Analysis”. The indigenously developed software of “Web-based One Customs system” is a jewel in the crown of Pakistan Customs which is a huge repository of data with built-in analysis techniques. Furthermore , Pakistan Customs in collaboration with “Asian Development Bank “ have launched “Integrated Transit Trade Management System” to be fully operational at three border stations namely, Torkham, Chaman, and Wagha .-A giant  leap forward in  land Border management  with three neighboring countries .  Currently, Pakistan Customs has launched two software in order to have effective border Management at all International Airports; “Advanced Passenger Information system” for Air passenger traffic control & “Currency declaration software” for money flow into and out of the country.

I wish all the best to Pakistan Customs Community on this special occasion of International Customs Day and hope that it will leave no stone unturned for effective management of all borders of our homeland INSHALLAH. May ALLAH almighty grant us more and more success in the upcoming times and bless our beloved country with a robust and a healthy economy, Ameen.

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