Special Messages On 26-January-2017 International Customs Day

DR. MUHAMMAD IRSHAD Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue

Customs fraternity, including Pakistan Customs is celebrating International Customs Day on 26thJanuary, 2017. I extend my profound felicitations to all officers and officials of Pakistan Customs on this special day.This year International Customs Day heralds the launch of World Customs Organization(WCO)’s theme of “Data Analysis for Effective Border Management”. It is an acknowledged fact that borders divide and Customs connects. However, for dealing with multi-faceted and complex challenges at regional and international level, it is imperative that the borders are effectively managed by ensuring implementation of effective and efficient controls and checks on the movement of goods as well as people. This is not only crucial within the country but also across the regional and continental contours.

The huge influx of trade and passenger traffic calls for greater vigilance and effective management of all borders. It is, therefore, crucial to broaden the horizon, enhance the commitment and improve the efficiency of Customs administration through better performance, transparency and development of new techniques, simplification of processes and putting in place intelligible systems to cope with the variety of challenges and complexities. Therefore, WCO’s theme for this year, “Data Analysis for Effective Border Management” is the fulcrum to define the role of Pakistan Customs in managing this gigantic task.

Needless to say that, this necessitates cooperation amongst various government departments/agencies, trade community including public to exchange data/information with Customs Department for effective enforcement and risk management to thwart any potential threats to the country’s economy.

Federal Board of Revenue is highly mindful of the fast changing trade dynamics and enforcement challenges. Hence, it keeps on enhancing capacity of its human resource, professionalism and innovation to address the challenges in an effective manner. As in previous years, I am fully convinced that Pakistan Customs will rise to the occasion and with full commitment actively take the “Data Analysis for Effective Border Management“ theme forward with full commitment and ensure the protection of the borders of our mother land, Pakistan, from all evil eyes.

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