Special Messages On 26-January-2017 International Customs Day

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Nasir Masroor Ahmad Member (Customs) FBR

As member of the international Customs fraternity, Pakistan too is celebrating International Customs day on 26thJanuary, 2017 – an occasion to highlight the efforts of the Customs administration in the realization of government revenue, encouragement of international trade and enforcement of border controls to ensure security of global supply chain and combating transnational organized crimes.

WCO which is the premier body of 177 member countries provides leadership, guidance and support to Customs administrations in order to secure and facilitate legitimate trade, realize revenues, protect society and build capacity across all customs administrations around the globe. The WCO is dedicating 2017 to promote data analysis under the slogan of “Data Analysis for Effective Border Management”. Thus, the WCO members including Pakistan will have the opportunity to showcase their efforts and activities in a sector that is becoming a key element in customs modernization process: collecting and analyzing data in order to reinforce customs controls on sea ports, airports and land boundaries.

Since Customs administrations around the world interact with global supply chains, best international practices need to be adopted to ensure seamless movement of goods across borders. This is enabled primarily through automation – a good example being Pakistan Customs’ indigenously developed cargo clearance system, WeBOC.

Pakistan Customs has always remained in the forefront in the fight against illicit trafficking of goods, thereby contributed to the national exchequer and guarded our international borders. Taking into account the vibrant and dynamic role of Pakistan Customs over the years,I am confident that it will take the theme of WCO forward by utilizing all skills, expertise and resources to further secure our economic frontiers from all overt and covert challenges.

While felicitating the officers and officials of Pakistan Customs on this auspicious occasion, I expect them to continue to strive for greater professionalism in line with international best practices, to enable them to take intelligent enforcement decisions on the basis of information sharing and focused data analysis.

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