Customs official directed to prevent import of ozone depleting substances

KARACHI: Pakistan customs Wednesday directed the officials to prevent import of products resulting in rapid depletion of ozone layer. The customs authorities circulated a fresh list of the most common Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) containing revised Harmonised System (HS) codes, which are implemented from January 1, 2012. While the customs… Continue reading

Australia says no health issue with sheep; Pakistan should fulfil its obligatory responsibilities

KARACHI: The entire episode of Australian imported sheep not only resulted embarrassment for Pakistan government but also raised questions about credibility of importers and the role of media in reporting the sensitive issues. The Australian government in a recent communication with the Pakistan government demanded a halt of culling the… Continue reading

Preliminary report suggests no role of Pakistan customs in allegedly infected Australian sheep clearance

KARACHI: Pakistan customs has initiated inquiry against its officials for issuing clearance to alleged infected imported sheep from Australia. The preliminary reports suggested that customs officials had cleared the sheep as per prevailing laws for imported goods, said an official on Wednesday. Pakistan customs constituted a two-member committee to look… Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Free STRN recommended for WeBOC user identity where taxpayer not liable to get registration

KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate of PaCCS, Karachi has proposed the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to create a free Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN) for the issuance of WeBOC user identification in cases of those taxpayers not liable to be registered. According to details Karachi Customs Agents Association and Rice… Continue reading