Quetta: Chief Collector Yaqoob Mako, along with Collector Tahir Qureshi, Additional Collector Yousuf Magsi, and Assistant Collector Saleem Khokhar, have ramped up vigilance in the fight against smuggling. Under the directives of Collector Tahir Qureshi, check posts have become highly active, and anti-smuggling operations are ongoing with the assistance of sensitive agencies.

Major Seizures Reported:


Betel Nuts Seized: A total of 2770 kilograms of betel nuts were confiscated, along with a Hino Mazda 06-wheeler.

Grinded Betel Nuts: 900 kilograms (10 bags of 90 kilograms each)

Powdered Betel Nuts: 1870 kilograms (27 bags of 60 kilograms each, plus 10 bags of 25 kilograms packed inside large onion bags)

Hino Mazda (used exclusively for carrying betel nuts): Registration number TKV-101, Chassis number D3HJA-11857

Total Value of Seizure: Rs. 30,160,000 (30.16 million)

FEU Dalbandin:

100 bags (500 kilograms each) of white refined sugar (Pak origin)

Assorted cloth rolls weighing 3000 kilograms

Tentative value: Rs. 10 million

FEU Lakpass:

500 sticks of cigarettes

1850 packets of gutkha

5250 kilograms of betel nuts

Combined tentative value: Rs. 6,944,000

FEU Nushki:

Seizure items include HTV tires, IV cannulas, and cigarettes

Tentative value: Rs. 3.2 million

Mobile Squad:

Seized solar inverters and skimmed dry milk

Total tentative value: Rs. 2.6 million

FEU Ziarat Cross:

Items confiscated: cigarettes, betel nuts, skimmed milk, LTV tires, Chinese salt, and inverters

Tentative value of the seizure: Rs. 31.4 million

FEU Lakpass (Additional Activity):

Seized items: milk powder, macaroni, and vermicelli

Combined tentative value: Rs. 2,983,400

Also seized: gutkha, whey powder, and additional betel nuts

Combined tentative value: Rs. 4,697,600

FEU Rakhni:

Load cell seized with a tentative value of Rs. 2,850,000

FEU Manikhawa:

Irani diesel seized with a total value of Rs. 784,000

The Customs Department remains committed to curbing smuggling activities and ensuring the security of the nation’s borders. These recent seizures demonstrate their unwavering efforts in this regard.