KARACHI: Bill Winters, Group CEO of Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), visited the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) on Friday. During an interactive session with the top executives of OICCI member companies, Bill Winters shared that “We see a greater potential in Pakistan and will continue to invest more as per the opportunity. There are excellent opportunities for talented young people”, Bill continued to add “and the government need to make it easier for brilliant Pakistanis to work from Pakistan for the leading companies across the globe”.

Bill Winters is a leader in climate finance. Under his leadership Standard Chartered Bank chairs the Net Zero Banking Alliance and the Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets.

As the oldest chamber in South Asia, OICCI provided a platform for Winters to discuss the Pakistan franchise and other markets operating in a challenging economic environment. During the meeting, Bill Winters addressed the future of globalization, climate change and international trade, considering recent geopolitical tensions and conflicts. Additionally, he highlighted the transformative role of emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and quantum computing, emphasizing the adoption of digital currencies by regulators.

M Abdul Aleem, OICCI CE/Secretary General, gave a briefing to Winters on the history and legacy of the chamber. Highlighting the positive contributions of foreign investors to Pakistan’s economy, he emphasised that OICCI members not only contribute one-third to the tax revenue of Pakistan but are also highly regarded for their efforts on the transfer of technology and managerial skills. Many of our senior members and past presidents have over the years been engaged by the government towards driving reform and lead the government organisation towards change.

Winters has also been engaged with OICCI previously, particularly at the Pakistan Climate Conference in 2022 and 2023, where he emphasized sustainable climate resilience.