KARACHI: Prof. Salman Sharif, Head of Neurosurgery at Liaquat National Hospital & Medical College is the first Pakistani surgeon to be appointed as Coordinator of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) Committee.

According to a statement, Prof. Salman Sharif has made numerous contributions to the field of neurosurgery, bringing it into the spotlight and enhancing Pakistan’s reputation. He has served as President of national and international societies including Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons, the Middle East Spine Society, the World Spinal Column Society and Chair of the Spine Committee of the World Federation of Neurosurgeons. He has also played prominent role in the Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons, the International Federation of Neuro-endoscopy and the International Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery.

During his tenure as Chair of the WFNS Spine Committee, Dr. Sharif’s Mission is to provide ‘Equal Spine Care for All’ by bringing advanced neurosurgical treatment to underdeveloped areas and countries.