Karachi: Chairman FPCCI Capital Office Karim Aziz Malik and Chairman Coordination Malik Sohail Hussain urged the government to resolve the problems of exporters immediately, FPCCI led by President Atif Ikram Shaikh. I have given effective suggestions to the government to solve the problems of the export sector and other problems related to the budget and the Anomalies Committee has also pointed out to the Finance Minister and the ball is in the court of the government to redress the grievances of all the export associations of Pakistan. criticized the federal government for its taxation plans. Karim Aziz Malik, speaking to a delegation of the Council of Economic and Energy Journalists (CEEJ), said that exporters have rejected the end of the “final tax regime”. and exporters are wary of taxing plans as an incentive to slow manufacturing growth, fearing the measures could open the door to corruption. Karim Aziz Malik said that the government should register those who do not pay taxes, the government will get revenue only by increasing the tax net, the pressure on those who already pay taxes can cause the destruction of the industry. Malik Sohail Hussain said that the government should introduce industrial development policies to help increase exports and if practical and helpful measures are taken, there will be a strong increase in exports. He called on the government to withdraw its proposed move to remove exports from the final tax regime in the Finance Bill to help prevent further trade deficits. He strongly condemned the implementation of new electricity tariff by Nepra from July 1 and said that this move will further increase the electricity bills. Most of the industries use electricity as raw material and are already bearing the burden of record expensive units, in these circumstances the decision to impose fixed charges should be withdrawn. Karim Aziz Malik and Malik Sohail Hussain said that the media has always It has effectively raised the voice of FPCCI and brought our issues to the government and helped them to resolve them.