ISLAMABAD: The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has green lit a merger within the TV ratings and streaming market. The approved transaction entails the acquisition of 100% shareholding of M/s Medialogic Pakistan (Pvt) ltd pursuant to Share Purchase Arrangement (SPA).

M/s. Medialogic Pakistan (pvt) ltd is a Pakistani private limited company that provides media research services to broadcasters and advertisers. Since 2007, Medialogic Pakistan has remained a key provider of media accreditation in the Television industry. The data provided by Medialogic Pakistan plays a significant role in forming the basis of media decisions taken by broadcasters, advertisers and media agencies across Pakistan.

The CCP’s Phase I competition assessment identified ‘Media Research’ as the relevant product market. CCP’s analysis further confirmed that although Medialogic Pakistan holds a considerable market share in relevant market, yet the market-conditions will remain unchanged post-transaction.

Moreover through the proposed transaction, the two Acquirers, who are residents of Pakistan, will gain presence in the relevant market of ‘Media Research’. The transaction will not lead to the dominance of acquirers, therefore, the merger was authorized under Section 31 of the Competition Act, 2010.

With this approval, CCP expects Medialogic Pakistan will be even better positioned to deliver the optimum measures of consumers’ rapidly changing behaviours across all channels and platforms.

CCP while implementing a mandatory Merger Regime reviews mergers and acquisitions of shares or assets, including joint ventures under Section 11 of the Act, thus keeping it at par with international jurisdictions.