Khuzdar: In a significant operation, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Sub-Sector Khuzdar received a tip about an illicit petrol smuggling operation. Acting swiftly, the ISI initiated surveillance along the road connecting Panjgur to Quetta.

According to sources, a camouflaged truck was suspected to be transporting Iranian petrol from the Panjgur region to Quetta. The ISI promptly alerted the Customs authorities, providing them with crucial information about the smuggled goods.

The ISI tracked the suspicious truck and detained it on the road. No legal documents were presented by anyone at the scene.

The ISI handed over the detained vehicle, along with the Iranian petrol, to the Customs officials. The absence of legal documentation raised further suspicions about the operation.

The staff of the Customs Field Enforcement Unit in Surab took possession of the seized Iranian petrol and the vehicle. The smugglers’ attempt to move the contraband across Baluchistan had been thwarted.

The success of this operation highlights the remarkable coordination between various law enforcement agencies. The Intelligence & Investigation (I&I) Karachi, Customs Quetta, and other field formations worked in tandem, with the Military Intelligence (MI) leading the charge.

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS)  General Asim Munir played a pivotal role by forming a committee of MI officers directly reporting to him. This high-level oversight ensured that no influential figures could aid the smugglers.

In the past, postings in Baluchistan—particularly in Quetta and Khuzdar—were lucrative for Customs, police, Frontier Corps (FC), and Rangers due to smuggling opportunities. However, recent crackdowns have made these postings less attractive, as the illicit trade networks are disrupted.

Chief Collector Yaqoob Mako, Collector Khuzdar Saleem Memon, Deputy Collector Talha Salman, and Inspector Shahzad, in charge of the Surab checkpoint, deserve commendation for their relentless efforts against smuggling.The successful operation underscores the commitment of security forces to curb illegal activities and maintain law and order in Baluchistan. As the region faces challenges, cooperation among various agencies remains crucial in safeguarding national interests.