KARACHI: In a remarkable feat, the Intelligence & Investigation (I&I) Directorate in Karachi has achieved unprecedented success during the fiscal year 2023-24. The department handled 622 cases involving goods valued at Rs22 billion, a significant increase compared to the 282 cases worth Rs3.165 billion in the previous year (2022-23).

The surge in both the number of cases and the value of seized goods is surprising. Despite the doubling of cases, the value of goods has skyrocketed by seven times. This achievement underscores I&I Karachi’s strategic focus on high-value goods to secure government revenue.

Former Director General Faiz Ahmed played a pivotal role in launching a well-coordinated campaign that set the stage for this outstanding performance. Under the current leadership of DG Ali Raza Hanjra, the momentum has been maintained.

Key personnel, including Director Engineer Habib Ahmed, Additional Director Afzaal Ahmed Watto, Deputy Director Wasif Malik, Assistant Director, former Superintendent ASO Irshad Shah, and current Superintendent ASO Khayam Mirza, have been at the forefront of efforts to curb smuggling. Their tireless work has a multipronged impact on the country’s economy.

Pakistan Customs, with the full support of military leadership, security agencies, and law enforcement, is vigorously pursuing an anti-smuggling campaign. The Directorate of Customs Intelligence in Karachi has intensified its efforts to combat fraudulent practices by ghost exporting units. These entities have been exploiting duty and tax exemptions worth millions of rupees.

The crackdown is part of the authorities’ commitment to ensuring fair trade practices and preventing the misuse of government schemes. Notably, the Export Facilitation Scheme, governed by SRO 492(I)/2009, allows registered exporters to import input goods without paying duties and taxes. These imported materials are then used for manufacturing finished goods intended for export. However, recent investigations have revealed widespread abuse of this scheme by certain entities.

The Customs Intelligence team meticulously scrutinized data related to eight units suspected of irregularities, demonstrating their dedication to maintaining integrity and transparency in trade practices.