MULTAN: At Multan International Airport, during 303 operations, attempts to smuggle foreign goods worth more than 436.7 million rupees were thwarted, and the seized items were confiscated.

The Collectorate of Customs in Multan encountered significant efforts to smuggle iPhones and mobile phones, with the confiscated valuable mobile phones totaling 285 million rupees. Despite unsuccessful attempts to smuggle foreign liquor, approximately 105 million rupees worth of alcohol was seized.

Additionally, various cigarette brands worth 1.025 billion rupees were apprehended. Over the course of a year, foreign currency amounting to 280 million rupees and narcotics worth millions of rupees were also confiscated. During the fiscal year 2023-24, 23 individuals were taken into custody, and legal proceedings were initiated against them.

Furthermore, the Multan Customs Collectorate achieved its financial goals for all customs duties and other taxes three days before the end of the fiscal year. Chief Collector Rubab Sikandar and Collector Customs (Multan) Syed Imran Sajjad Bukhari commended the excellent performance of Deputy Collector Mariam Jamila’s team and acknowledged the professional abilities of Additional Collector Customs (Multan) Shah Faisal Sohail. He also emphasized hard work and dedication for the upcoming fiscal year 2024-25.