KARACHI: Pakistan Customs (West), Appraisement filed a Civil Petition for Leave to Appeal before Supreme Court of Pakistan challenging an order passed by an appellate bench of High Court of Sindh.

The order was passed in a constitutional petition filed by Messer’s China Textile Curtains & Blanket Industry a where in the bench allowed a Review Application ordering release of consignment with delay detention certificate.

The matter pertains to 28 consignments imported by Messer’s Premium Textile which is facing two F.I.R No 03 of 2024 and 04 of 2024, lodged by Model Custom Collectorate on charge of abusing “Authorization” under Export Facilitation Scheme (EFS) under which it was granted permission to import Ladies and Gents Suiting, Curtains and other fabric for export of finished goods. The said unit was established in 119.2023 having a storage capacity of 6000 MT with production capacity of 10800 MT. It was alleged that said unit imported 117 consignments/filed GDs involving Rupees 1.6 billion in duty and taxes.

However a new company namely China Textile Curtains & Blanket Industry having no nexus with such consignments moved SHC for amendment in the IGM and managing court procedure got a favorable order from a bench of the choice of the petitioner.