KARACHI: Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi has seized a large quantity of smuggled wrist watches in a raid conducted at Tai Roshan Trade Center.

Information was received through Director I&I Engineer Habib Ahmed to Additional Director Inamullah Wazir that huge quantity of smuggled / non duty paid foreign origin Wrist Watches, liable to confiscation has been dumped at Tai Roshan Trade Center, Shaheed-e-Milat Road, Karachi, for further illegal disposal in the local market. 

Deputy Director Wasif Malik formed a team led by Superintendent Khayam Mirza, which  reached the said premises, where three persons namely Syed Ahsan Qazmi, Nabeel Javed and Syed Murtaza Muhammad were available.

After fulfilment of all legal required formalities in presence of witnesses, the staff entered in the godown under the supervision of Mr. Muhammad Abid Khan, Superintendent and found placed the huge quantity of foreign origin Replica Wrist Watches of assorted brands at the said place. 

The shopkeepers failed to produce any document in support of lawful import / possession pertaining to the aforesaid recovered foreign origin Replica Wrist Watches. 

Therefore, all the aforesaid foreign origin Replica Wrist Watches were taken into the custody.

Total of 2703 PCs of said foreign origin Replica Wrist Watches of assorted brands i.e. Rolex, Rado, Hublot, Tagheur, Cartier Omega etc were seized because, despite laps of sufficient time period, neither any other person appeared at the office of the Directorate in connection with the aforesaid foreign Replica Wrist Watches, nor any one produced any relevant legal documents in support of lawful import / possession of the said goods. 

During preliminary investigation, the persons namely Syed Ahsan Qazmi, Nabeel Javed & Syed Murtaz Muhammad stated disclosed the owner of the goods is Wajahat Muhammad who runs the business in the name of M/s. Royal Attract. However, they had no knowledge from where he purchase seized Replica Watches. 

The accused of seized foreign origin aforesaid Replica Wrist Watches, namely Wajahat Muhammad is wilfully and deliberately involved in the smuggling of foreign origin Wrist Watches with the active connivance and assistance of other associates in crime and thus, have committed the offence of smuggling and possession of smuggled goods.   

FIR is lodged and further investigation is in progress.