Karachi: The Directorate of Customs Intelligence in Karachi has intensified its efforts to combat fraudulent practices by ghost exporting units that have been exploiting duty and tax exemptions worth millions of rupees.

The crackdown comes as part of the authorities’ commitment to ensuring fair trade practices and preventing misuse of government schemes.

The Export Facilitation Scheme, governed by SRO 492(I)/2009, allows registered exporters to import input goods without paying duties and taxes. These imported materials are then used for manufacturing finished goods intended for export. However, recent investigations have revealed widespread abuse of this scheme by certain entities.

The Customs Intelligence team scrutinized data related to eight units suspected of irregularities. These entities include:


M/s AAA Associates


M/s Ocuba International


M/s MAS International


M/s K.F Enterprises


M/s Zain Industries


M/s Jawa Industry


M/s Continental


M/s SM Enterprises


Cumulatively, these units imported input goods valued at Rs 330 million and availed duty and tax exemptions amounting to Rs 156 million. Despite benefiting from these exemptions, their actual exports were reported as NIL—a clear violation of the scheme’s requirements.

When Customs Intelligence teams visited the declared addresses of these units, they found none of them actually existing at those locations. These “ghost” exporting units had exploited the system, evading taxes and undermining the intended purpose of the export facilitation scheme.

In response to these findings, the Director General of Customs Intelligence, Mr. Ali Raza Hanjra, directed the lodging of eight First Information Reports (FIRs) against the unscrupulous exporters. These FIRs aim to hold the entities accountable for their actions and prevent further misuse of the scheme.

This isn’t the first instance of abuse. Back in April 24, Customs Intelligence Karachi detected similar misuse by four other exporters, leading to FIRs against them as well.

Team of I&I Karachi comprising Director Engineer Habib Ahmed, Additional Director Afzaal Wattoo, Deputy Director Saifullah khan, Intelligence Officers Faiz Ahmed Faiz, and Muhammad Asim have been quite successful in securing government revenue and has made record cases.

Mr. Ali Raza Hanjra expressed his appreciation for the diligent efforts of the officers and staff of Customs Intelligence, Karachi, in uncovering these fraudulent practices.