KARACHI: A habitual offender identified as Muhammad Athar has attempted to malign Customs staff, after Customs seized his Mercedes vehicle on the suspicion of being non-Customs-paid.

Pakistan Customs is pursuing a rigorous anti-smuggling campaign with the assistance of security agencies and law enforcement agencies.

Customnews.pk investigation found that the Intel was received from a sensitive intelligence agency that a NCP Mercedes was in the possession of a trader Muhammad Athar. The vehicle was impounded by Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi. Investigation and scrutiny of documents confirmed the vehicle was legitimate. After due process the vehicle was handed over to the owner.

However, Muhammad Athar attempted to capitalize on this situation and attempted to malign Customs officers.
Sources said Athar is a habitual offender and nominated in FIRs of which one FIR was for the possession of a NCP Toyota Passo vehicle. It was also known that the accused used to impersonate government officers, politicians and media persons to get questionable jobs done at various departments.

In order to malign Deputy Director Wasif Malik, Muhammad Athar and his lawyer launched a defamatory campaign against Customs officers aiming to pressurize Customs officers. Athar’s lawyer also announced to approach Supreme Court of Pakistan against Customs officers.

An official said they are waiting for Athar to approach Supreme Court because he was a habitual offender and Customs had enough material to prove his wrongdoings and frauds. Once he gets to the Court, he will be exposed.