KARACHI: Deputy Collector of Customs Enforcement, Mr. Muhammad Raza Naqvi, spearheaded the efforts of the Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) in Karachi. Acting on confidential information provided by Collector Basit Abbasi, the ASO’s RCD Highway checkpoint team stationed in Mochko, Karachi, intercepted a bus arriving from Balochistan.

The bus, which appeared ordinary at first glance, concealed a secret compartment both on its roof and in the rear section. Upon inspection, the team discovered a staggering 4,000 liters of Iranian diesel hidden within these compartments. The estimated value of the seized diesel and the bus itself amounts to 3 million Pakistani Rupees.

Following the successful interception, the confiscated bus and the smuggled diesel have been transferred to the ASO Enforcement warehouse for further investigation under the Customs Act. This operation marks a significant blow to the illicit trade of diesel in the region.

Thanks to the relentless vigilance and stringent measures implemented by the authorities, there has been a noticeable decline in smuggling activities. It appears that even smugglers are taking an unexpected vacation from their illicit operations.

The movement of smuggled goods to cities such as Multan, Hyderabad, and Sukkur has significantly decreased. Customs Baluchistan has intensified its efforts to clamp down on smugglers, closely monitoring the movement of contraband.

Sensitive agencies, including security forces, law enforcement, and district administration, are now working in unison to combat smuggling. This unprecedented collaboration aims to curb the illegal flow of goods across borders.

However, an official acknowledged the challenges posed by the vast and intricate border with numerous secret routes. While complete elimination of border smuggling remains elusive, the policy remains focused on disrupting the distribution of smuggled goods.

As a result of these combined efforts, cases of smuggling are expected to decrease further, aligning with the reduced movement of illicit goods. The fight against smuggling continues, with agencies committed to safeguarding the nation’s economic interests.