The illicit transportation of smuggled goods from Baluchistan to Karachi has hit a major roadblock. Customs officials in Khuzdar have intensified their surveillance efforts along the notorious smuggling route, leading to the seizure of multiple consignments of contraband and lodging of successive FIRs. As a result, fear now grips the once-bold smugglers who operated with impunity.

Saleem Memon, the Collector of Khuzdar, has orchestrated this crackdown under the directives of Chief Collector Yaqoob Mako, known colloquially as “Danger Man.” Their strategic moves have disrupted the clandestine networks that thrived on evading authorities.

In a recent operation, the Khuzdar Customs Enforcement team intercepted a significant cache of smuggled goods. Disguised as old tyres, brand-new ones were being surreptitiously transported. The total value of the seized goods, including the carrier vehicles, stands at a staggering Rs. 37.4 million.

But that’s not all. At the Khurkhera checkpoint, Customs officers made an astonishing discovery. Beneath a layer of local wood, they found 300 bags of betel nuts, each weighing 12 kilograms. The total haul amounted to a substantial 3,600 kilograms, with an estimated market value that left everyone astounded.

In a meticulously planned joint operation, the Khuzdar Customs Enforcement team collaborated with the Frontier Corps (FC). Their target: a nondescript godown near Hajra Aswad Hotel on the outskirts of Khuzdar City. Acting on intelligence received by Collector Saleem Memon, Deputy Collector Syed Talha Salman led the charge.

Under the cover of darkness, at approximately 3:10 am, the team descended upon the godown. Their persistence paid off—the raid yielded a whopping 1,500 bags of betel nut, each weighing 12 kg. The grand total? An astonishing 18,000 kg, with an estimated market value of Rs. 108 million.

Deputy Collector Talha Salman and his teams stationed at various checkpoints have played a pivotal role in curbing the movement of smuggled goods. Inspectors Shahzad and Khurram, part of this commendable effort, continue to uphold the law and protect Pakistan’s economic interests.

As the noose tightens around smugglers, the message is clear: Customs officials are unwavering in their commitment to safeguard the nation’s borders and economy. The days of illicit trade may be numbered, thanks to the relentless pursuit of justice by these dedicated officers.