In a significant operation, the Quetta Collectorate of Customs Enforcement intercepted nine trucks loaded with contraband goods. The cache included cigarettes and other smuggled items, concealed within coal heaps. The estimated value of the seized goods reached a staggering 430 million rupees, Customs said.

Under the watchful eye of Chief Collector Customs Balochistan, (Danger Man) Yaqoob Mako, and Collector Enforcement Dr. Tahir Qureshi, a covert team led by Additional Collector Yousef Ali Magasi and Inspector Najib Noor successfully apprehended the smugglers’ convoy on Zhob Shirani Road, near a Manikhwa hotel. During the operation, they managed to capture one of the fleeing drivers.

The seized items comprised 46,000 kilograms of Chalia and 35 parcels of Pan Prag Ghotka, totaling 157,500 sachets. This achievement marks a historic milestone for Quetta Customs, demonstrating their commitment to curbing smuggling activities.

However, a cloud of suspicion hangs over the levies staff. Assistant Commissioner Zob and his team allegedly allowed the trucks to proceed after accepting a hefty bribe of Rs30 million. The Baluchistan government has initiated legal proceedings against them.

Sources said there were 9 trucks loaded with cigarettes and other smuggled goods.

Assistant Commissioner Zob and levies staff caught these trucks and allegedly let them go after taking Rs30 million as bribes.

Customs also had the information regarding movement of smuggled goods. Yaqoob Mako found about the ordeal so he talked to Chief secretary Baluchistan and they got levies squad with much difficulty.

Collector Tahir Qureshi, deputy collector Sohail Sarwar, seized 3 trucks (C-2783T, KS-245T, KN-151) while 6 escaped.