KARACHI: Muhammad Kamran Arbi, President of SITE Association of Industry, has appreciated the efforts of the Director General, Pakistan Rangers Sindh, to curtail freshwater theft in the city in collaboration with Karachi Water & Sewerage Corporation (KWSC).

In a press statement, SAI president said that as a result, the availability of water in the distribution network of the KWSC has increased significantly which fact, has also been admitted by the CEO of Karachi Water & Sewerage Corporation. KWSC is now in a better position to supply more quantity of water to industries of SITE area, Karachi, for their smooth functioning.  He also thanked Patron-in-chief Zubair Motiwala for his continuous efforts and liaison with the DG to ensure smooth supply of water to SITE Industries.

However, contrary to what the industries were expecting, there is no increase in water supply to SITE area industries which are suffering from acute water shortage since the past many days. The Industrialists are facing extreme hardship to run their industries and process export orders timely, SITE President added.

“Unfortunately, no solution to overcome the water shortage problem has been worked out by the KWSC as yet despite an increase of substantial amount of water in their system. They must supply uninterrupted water 7 days a week so we can focus on fulfilling our orders on time”, he remarked.

SITE President has demanded the KWSC to make urgent arrangements to provide uninterrupted water to SITE area industries 24/7 to ensure their smooth functioning and avert production losses amid current difficult economic conditions.