KARACHI: Karachi Tax Bar Association has requested to Ms. Mufeeza Iqbal Member (Information Technology) Federal Board of Revenue to intervene and assist the filers in filing condonation applications as system for generation of “Reference Order Number” is not functioning properly.

Following is the text of communication made by KTBA”.

1.   As you would be aware of that under Section 26(3) of the Sales Tax Act, 1990 (Act), a registered person can revise his sales tax return within 120 days of filing of the original one after the Commissioner’s approval. In the event the above period of 120 days is lapsed, the taxpayer may also approach the Commissioner to condone the lapse of timeline for revision.

2-   The aforesaid process is prescribed under the Act and is very much available on IRIS portal as well. On the IRIS portal, at first, a taxpayer requests for online approval of Commissioner for condonation under section 74 of the Act and then revision of the return under section 26(3) of the Act.

3-   The aforesaid online application for condonation as available on IRIS portal requires a compulsory selection of a ‘reference order number’ (screenshot enclosed) without which application cannot be submitted for the approval of the Commissioner. Previously, the aforesaid reference order number used to appear automatically as the unique number of the return for which the taxpayer is filing the application of revision of.

IT Glitch/IRIS Requirement:

4-   However, currently while filing revision application along with condonation application it has been noted that reference order number has stopped appearing on the IRIS portal due to which a taxpayer cannot submit the condonation application.

5-   It appears that the recent update of IRIS portal may have some glitches due to which the reference order number is not appearing therein. We have also been informed by our Bar members that the aforesaid glitch on IRIS portal was also highlighted to the FBR helpline through various emails, calls and reminders which, ended in vain as no response has yet been received by the FBR helpline.


Accordingly, we would earnestly request your office to kindly intervene and ask PRAL team to make the necessary changes on the IRIS portal so that “Reference Order Number” can restart generating and the applicant taxpayer can submit the condonation and revision application.

The letter was sent by KTBA president Syed Zafar Ahmed and has been forwarded to Chairman, FBR, Member (Inland Revenue – Policy), FBR, Member-IR (Operations), FBR, and Chief Executive Officer / Chairman BOM, PRAL.