Karachi Customs Enforcement, led by Collector Basit Maqsood Abbasi, launched a successful operation against smuggled goods in Kharadar, Karachi. The operation, which took place in the early hours of June 6, 2024, was a result of actionable intelligence received by the Collector and diligently pursued by Additional Collector Dawood Pirzado and Deputy Collector Raza Naqvi.

With the support of the Sindh Police, the enforcement team seized approximately 10,500 kg of assorted foreign-origin Ladies Shirting/Suiting fabric. The goods, which had been smuggled into Pakistan while cleverly evading customs duties and taxes, were discovered at a local site in Kharadar.

In a swift response, the contraband was loaded onto four Mazda trucks and transported to the Customs Collectorate’s warehouse. There, a detailed examination is underway to assess the full extent of the smuggling operation. Legal proceedings have been initiated to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The market value of the seized fabric is estimated to be around Rs. 40 million, highlighting the scale of the smuggling attempt. An FIR is in the process of being filed against the individuals involved, with the Customs Court set to adjudicate the matter.

This operation underscores the Government of Pakistan’s firm stance against the smuggling of goods and its commitment to safeguarding the nation’s economic interests. The Customs Enforcement’s proactive measures and collaboration with law enforcement agencies continue to be instrumental in curbing illegal trade practices.