KARACHI: Customs Appraisement West Karachi has intercepted four consignments from M/s. AL Huda Textile, which were imported from China under the guise of Garments Accessories Laces and Polyester Tulle Net Fabric Plain Dyed. The company had filed an electronic Goods Declaration using their unique user ID and the consignments were initially cleared through the Green Channel based on the importer’s self-assessment.

However, following a tip-off received by Appraisement West Collector Irfan Wahid, a closer inspection was initiated by Additional Collector Javed Sarwar Shaikh and R&D Appraising Officer Muhammad Riaz. The examination revealed discrepancies between the declared and actual contents of the shipments, indicating a deliberate attempt by the importer to deceive customs officials by undervaluing high-value goods.

As a result, M/s. AL Huda Textile and its associates, including Muhammad Aneeq, have been charged with offenses related to the misdeclaration of goods. The investigation is ongoing to determine the extent of involvement of other parties in this fraudulent activity. An FIR has been registered, and a thorough investigation is underway to uncover the full scope of this customs evasion scheme.