Khuzdar: In a joint operation, the Customs Enforcement Khuzdar and Frontier Corps (FC) successfully raided a godown near Hajra Aswad Hotel on the outskirts of Khuzdar City, resulting in the seizure of a substantial quantity of betel nut.

The operation was carried out following intelligence received by Collector Khuzdar Enforcement Saleem Memon.

Deputy Collector Khuzdar (Enforcement) Syed Talha Salman led the operation, coordinating with FC Kalat Scouts to plan and execute the raid. At approximately 3:10 am, the team descended upon the godown, where they discovered 1,500 bags of betel nut, each weighing 12 kg. The total haul amounted to a staggering 18,000 kg, with an estimated market value of Rs. 108 million.

The godown’s strategic location atop a hill posed challenges during the operation, compounded by the cover of darkness. Despite these obstacles, the law enforcement team acted swiftly, securing the contraband. Regrettably, the watchman on duty managed to evade capture.

An FIR has been filed, and further investigation is underway to trace the origins of the smuggled betel nut. Chief Collector Yaqoob Mako, known for his unwavering stance against smuggling, has been closely monitoring the situation. His commitment to curbing illegal activities has earned him the moniker of the “danger man.”

Customs Baluchistan has a commendable track record in controlling the movement of smuggled goods. This success can be attributed to the wholehearted support of COAS General Asim Munir, who ensures seamless cooperation between security and law enforcement agencies in their anti-smuggling efforts.

Moreover, because of the involvement of COAS General Asim Munir, the beneficiaries of smuggling including politicians, businessmen, law enforcement and security officers/officials as well as Customs personnel are unable to rescue the smugglers despite the fact their cashflows from smuggling have choked.