Karachi: Officer and officials from Pakistan Customs participated in the One Run Half Marathon event held at Emaar, Karachi. This participation underscores the department’s commitment to promoting physical fitness and sportsmanship among its members.

Mr. Muhammad Danish, LDC and Mr. Muhammad Ali, UDC took part in the 5K race, showcasing their endurance and determination. Syed Ansar Hussain, an Appraising Officer, pushed his limits in the 10K race, while Mr. Naveen, a Sepoy, demonstrated exceptional stamina by completing the Half Marathon (21.1K).

Mr. Muhammad Ahmed, an Appraising Officer at Pakistan Customs, has played a pivotal role in facilitating the organization’s involvement in prestigious sporting events. Known for his dedication to promoting sports activities, Mr. Ahmed’s ability to recognize and nurture athletic talent among his colleagues has been widely acknowledged. His initiatives bore fruit during the Karachi Marathon 2024 and have since led to ongoing success, exemplified by the recent participation in One Run.

Training and motivation for these dedicated runners were provided by the Pakistan Road Runners Club, an organization known for its commitment to developing running talent across the country. The club’s guidance has been pivotal in preparing these officers to compete at such high levels of endurance events.

The involvement of Pakistan Customs in the One Run Half Marathon, commencing simultaneously at 5:30 am across 16 countries and 116 cities worldwide, not only underscores the diverse talents inherent within the department but also establishes a commendable precedent for fostering a healthier lifestyle through engagement in sports and physical activities.