Director Zeba Azhar of the Directorate of L&P in Karachi has raised concerns over the operational challenges faced by the department. In a communication addressed to the Director General of L&P, Azhar highlighted that the draft rules and SRO intended to govern the Directorate General of L&P and its regional offices have remained unapproved by the Board since 2021. Despite numerous reminders, the absence of legal mandate continues to overshadow the legal standing of the officers serving in these directorates.

The situation is further exacerbated by the lack of a dedicated office space within the Custom House, Karachi. The Directorate, in an attempt to address this issue, identified a rental property to serve as its office. However, the request for budget approval to secure this property has been met with silence from the FBR, leaving the Directorate in a state of limbo.

In an unexpected twist, although cost centers for all regional directorates and the Directorate General have been established with an allocated budget, the Directorate of Karachi has been operating with a minimal staff. The team comprises one Director, an Additional Director, a Deputy Director, a Preventive Officer, a Lower Division Clerk, and two Sepoys. Notably, despite the Board’s explicit approval for vehicle allocation, the Karachi office has yet to receive any transportation resources.

Despite these significant resource constraints and the lack of formal rules or SRO, the Directorate of Karachi has demonstrated resilience. The office continues to fulfill special tasks assigned by the DG’s office, ensuring compliance and reporting back on its activities. This ongoing commitment to duty, in the face of operational adversity, underscores the dedication of the Directorate’s staff to their responsibilities.