PESHAWAR: The Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation (I&I) in Peshawar has ramped up its anti-smuggling initiatives, following the directives of the esteemed Director General. Despite facing a precarious security situation in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) region and grappling with resource constraints, the directorate’s commitment to curbing smuggling activities remains unwavering.

In a significant operation today, the I&I Peshawar team successfully intercepted a tanker illicitly transporting 45,000 litres of petrol, disguised as Aliphatic Hydrocarbons. The seizure’s total value, including the vehicle, is estimated at a staggering PKR 23 million.

The past week alone has seen the directorate achieve remarkable success, with the total value of confiscated goods reaching PKR 139 million. The seized items range from cigarettes, dry milk, and cosmetics to food items, plastic bags, and narcotics, showcasing the diverse nature of smuggling activities in the region.

Under the vigilant leadership of the Director of I&I Peshawar Shafqat Niazi, the directorate has accelerated its efforts against smuggling rings. These operations have been bolstered by the support of paramilitary forces and law enforcement agencies, highlighting a collaborative approach to tackling this pervasive issue.

However, the fight against smuggling has not been without sacrifice. The I&I Peshawar recently endured the loss of two dedicated employees, who were tragically martyred last month during confrontations with smuggling operatives in D.I Khan. Their sacrifice underscores the perilous conditions under which the directorate operates and the dire need for continued vigilance in the region.

The directorate’s relentless pursuit of justice serves as a testament to the bravery and resilience of its personnel, who remain steadfast in their mission to protect the nation’s economic interests and uphold the rule of law.