In a significant move to bolster the anti-smuggling efforts in the region, the Core Commander of Peshawar, the Chief Minister, and customs authorities recently held a pivotal meeting to address the situation following DI Khan incident. 

The assembly underscored the ongoing commitment to an anti-smuggling campaign, ensuring that the eight joint and provincial check posts remain fully operational with the unwavering support of the army and the Frontier Corps (FC).

Collector of DI Khan, Dr. Karam Elahi, who oversees the South KPK jurisdiction, has been instrumental in extending the customs enforcement to previously unreachable areas such as Gulbkach, DI Khan, Tank, Bannu, Kohat, Kerak, Khargai, and Dara Zinda. The Field Enforcement Units, alongside the mobile squad, have been actively imposing customs laws in these territories.

The meeting concluded with a unanimous decision to continue the anti-smuggling campaign vigorously. Law enforcement and security agencies across the board have pledged their support to the customs initiatives. In a parallel development, Customs Baluchistan is gearing up for a comprehensive crackdown on smuggling activities.

In a strategic move to tighten control, Chief Collector Abdul Qadir Memon, Collector Tahir Qureshi, and Additional Collector Yusuf Magsi have augmented the manpower at check posts, particularly on exit routes from the province. Their primary mission is to curtail the flow of smuggled goods effectively.

Check posts at entry points in KPK and northern Punjab are operating round the clock, with intelligence-based operations set to continue. This coordinated effort represents a formidable stance against smuggling, aiming to secure the economic interests of the region.