In a significant crackdown on cross-border smuggling, the Customs Appraisement team at the Torkham border has successfully intercepted a substantial cache of foreign-origin arms and ammunition. The operation was carried out based on actionable intelligence provided by Collector Amjad ur Rehman, with Additional Collector Muhammad Rizwan and Deputy Collector Haseeb Bajwa overseeing the meticulous inspection process.

Two vehicles with registration numbers KBL-9154 and HRT-2482 were flagged for abnormal scans at the import terminal. A thorough search led to the discovery of weapons concealed within secret compartments designed to look like they were carrying coal and soapstone.

The contraband recovered from vehicle KBL-9154 included:

3 M16 rifles

2 Beretta pistols

1 pistol without a barrel

4,000 AK-47 rounds

8 AK-47 bolts

5 Glock pistol magazines

40 AK-47 springs

From vehicle HRT-2482, authorities seized:

8,000 9mm rounds

The estimated market value of the seized weapons is approximately Rs. 4.1 million, with the vehicles valued at Rs. 10 million. An FIR has been filed, and an extensive investigation is currently underway.

This incident highlights a concerning trend of weapons being smuggled into the country, often hidden under innocuous cargo like fruits and vegetables. The successful interception of these arms is a testament to the vigilance of the Customs officials at Torkham border, but it also underscores the growing challenge of illegal arms entering the country, potentially exacerbating the security situation.