KARACHI: Hearing a counsel from law firm Franklin Law Associates a single judge of High Court of Sindh disposed the same after Pakistan Customs agreed to finalization of assessment of a consignment on 90 days data.

The imported item is un-processed and un-dyed “Poly Greige Yarn” which as per Plaintiff is classifiable under PCT Heading 5402.3900 and liable to be assessed under sub-section (5) & (6) of the Section 25 of the Customs Act 1969 on the basis of data of identical/similar goods.

The Franklin firm lawyer submitted that the suit pertains to two consignments filed through customs computerized system of Port Muhammad Bin Qasim Collectorate (Appraisement) but were put on hold by officers of concerned collectorate and customs is assessing the same as “Polyester Filament Yarn” classifiable under PCT Heading 5402.3300. The plaintiff sought provisional assessment pending resolution of dispute through laboratory analysis for determining the correct nature / description  for the purpose of classification.

In response, counsel representing custom officers of PMBQ Collectorate made a statement proposing terms and manner in which they intend to the deal with the consignments particularly that the imported goods will be dealt with and assessed on 90 days data.

The counsel for the Plaintiff expressed satisfaction over the reply by the respondent collectorte and maintained that suit has served its purpose and therefore it may be disposed off.

The bench allowing the request disposed of the suit as prayed.