In a significant escalation of its anti-smuggling operations, the Multan Collectorate of Customs, Enforcement, has reported a substantial increase in the seizure of smuggled goods. Throughout March 2024, the Collectorate’s vigilant enforcement led to the confiscation of various items, including non-duty paid vehicles, smuggled petroleum products, mobile phones, food items, cigarettes, betel nuts, and tyres, cumulatively valued at Rs. 390.16 million. This figure represents an impressive 88% increase in value compared to the same period in the previous financial year.

The crackdown has been particularly effective against non-duty paid vehicles, with 35 such vehicles seized, marking a 106% increase in cases and a 96% rise in value over the previous year. The Collectorate, under the leadership of Collector Syed Imran S. Bukhari and Additional Collector Mr. Shah Faisal, has been resolute in promoting legal trade and curbing the illegal use of smuggled goods, which are often linked to criminal and terrorist activities.

The efforts of the Collectorate have been bolstered by the special directives of Dr. Fareed Iqbal Qureshi, Member Customs (Operations), and Madam Rubab Sikandar, Chief Collector (Enforcement-Punjab). Their focus on intercepting non-duty paid vehicles has yielded remarkable results, contributing to the overall success of the operation.

The detailed breakdown of seized goods is as follows:

  • Carrier Vehicles: 14 units valued at Rs. 61.0 million
  • Non-Duty Paid Vehicles: 35 units valued at Rs. 157.5 million
  • Betel Nuts: 3720 kg valued at Rs. 9.5 million
  • Food Items: 30325 kg valued at Rs. 47.0 million
  • Tyres: 746 units valued at Rs. 27.5 million
  • Cigarettes: 1237 outers valued at Rs. 15.0 million
  • Miscellaneous Items: 25623 units/kg valued at Rs. 72.66 million

The Collectorate’s comprehensive approach to enforcement has also included administrative measures such as auctions and currency deposits, with the year’s revenue from these activities reaching approximately Rs. 710.96 million. Additionally, stringent orders have been issued to anti-smuggling units, including mobile squads and airport personnel, to maintain strict surveillance over the movement of essential commodities, Iranian petroleum products, currency, gold, and mobile phones.

The Collectorate’s unwavering commitment to dismantling smuggling networks and facilitating legitimate commerce continues to make a significant impact on the region’s economic landscape.