KHUZDAR: In a sweeping five-month operation, the Khuzdar Collectorate, led by Collector Saleem Memon and under the guidance of Chief Collector Abdul Qadir Memon, has made significant strides in combating smuggling activities in the region. The crackdown has primarily targeted the illicit trade of petroleum products and chalia, resulting in the confiscation of large quantities of these prohibited items.

The Collectorate’s collaborative efforts with the Frontier Corps (FC), local police, and intelligence agencies have culminated in the seizure of goods valued at approximately four billion. This substantial achievement underscores the government’s firm stance against the illegal smuggling that undermines the local economy and public safety.

In the most recent operation, intelligence-led raids were conducted on two warehouses located in the districts of Hub and Lasbela. These nighttime operations resulted in the recovery of over 30,000 liters of diesel from areas near Hub Chowki and Khuda Bakhsh Mari village. The confiscated items are now in custody, with legal proceedings set in motion.

This success builds upon previous operations where the Khuzdar Collectorate seized 420,000 liters of diesel, 16 tankers, Mazda, buses, 160,000 kilograms of chalia, two buses, thirteen Mazda, and millions of gutka sachets from various locations including Hub, Khuzdar, and Bela. The concerted efforts of law enforcement and intelligence agencies have been pivotal in curbing the rise of smuggling in the area.

Officials from the Collectorate have reiterated their zero-tolerance policy towards smuggling. They have expressed gratitude towards the Frontier Corps, police, and intelligence agencies for their unwavering support in these operations. The officials remain resolute in their commitment to continue the fight against smuggling, safeguarding the region’s economic integrity and ensuring the safety of its citizens.