PESHAWAR: A scuffle broke out between the FC personnel and FIA staff at the Torkham NADRA point, resulting in injuries and bleeding.

It may be mentioned here that one FC sepoy was earlier arrested for attempting to smuggle USD to Afghanistan, and the FIA is investigating the case.

Consequently, the Torkham border crossing was closed to all traffic. According to sources, during a verbal altercation at the Torkham NADRA point, the FIA staff first struck an FC soldier. Later, FC soldiers severely beat two FIA officials named Mahmood and Harpal Singh. The pedestrian crossing has been closed until now.

However, the Pakistan-Afghanistan border at Torkham has been reopened for pedestrian movement and commercial activities from both sides, as per official sources.

The Torkham border had been closed for pedestrian traffic due to a fight between FC and FIA staff, but it has now been reopened, official sources report.

After the reopening of the Torkham border, the flow of passengers from both sides has resumed, according to official sources.