KARACHI: To bolster maritime security, the Directorate of Customs Intelligence in Karachi has intensified its collaboration with the Joint Maritime Information & Coordination Center (JMICC) of the Pakistan Navy’s Coast Command. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the Directorate’s reach across Pakistan’s aquatic borders and improve information sharing and analysis capabilities.

As part of this joint effort, the Directorate participated in the SeaGuard 24 Exercise, hosted by JMICC, which further solidified their expertise in maritime intelligence operations.

The strengthened alliance between the Directorate of Customs Intelligence, Karachi, Coast Command, and JMICC has already yielded significant results. In a recent operation, authorities intercepted a boat arriving from Dubai, resulting in the seizure of 4,000 bottles of various liquor brands, collectively valued at over Rs 145 million. The crew aboard the vessel has been detained, and an extensive investigation is currently underway.

Mr. Faiz Chadhar, the Director General of Customs Intelligence, has expressed his commendation for the officers of the Karachi Directorate, particularly Engineer Habib Ahmed, for their pivotal role in fostering improved ties with the Pakistan Navy. This enhanced liaison has been instrumental in expanding the Directorate’s capacity to counteract smuggling activities via the Arabian Sea. The Director General also lauded the Coast Command of the Pakistan Navy for its unwavering commitment, dedication, and devotion to curbing illegal activities along Pakistan’s maritime frontiers.