The Collector Customs Enforcement Ports has taken several measures to streamline the affairs at the baggage section at ports, where mal practices and revenue loss were rampant in the garb of passenger baggage consignments. 

To recall, the Customs Enforcement is divided into two wings: Enforcement Karachi and Enforcement Karachi Ports.

The baggage section was causing a big loss to the national exchequer due to the presence of non technical staff, who were involved in mis-declaration, under invoicing, and non application of valuation rulings in collusion with traders, agents and Customs officials. To address this issue, Umar Shafique has automated the transfers and postings of the staff and made an Assessment Hall at Customs House Karachi, where all baggage assessment from Appraisement East, West, Port Qasim and SAPT will be done by trained officials. A retired Appraising officer has been rehired to further train the six officials at the Assessment Hall.

These steps have resulted in a significant decline in baggage import by over 40%, and yet an increase in revenue on baggage import. In February 2023, there were 796 baggage consignments, generating a revenue of 368 million rupees. In February 2024, there were only 493 consignments, but the revenue was 285 million rupees. Fraudulent imports have almost stopped.

Moreover, cameras are being installed on all port areas, and KPT has agreed to install cameras in east wharf and west wharf for the first time. A control room has been established at SAPT by Collector Enforcement Ports Umar Shafique, which will be operational on March 6. This will enable monitoring of all in and out traffic at SAPT. The next phase of the project will involve setting up such control rooms at Appraisement East, West and Port Qasim.

Collector Umar Shafique has expressed his satisfaction with the progress made by the Customs Enforcement and hoped that it will improve the efficiency and transparency of the baggage section at ports.