SARGODHA: Customs Enforcement Sargodha has lodged an FIR against four Customs officials for allegedly stealing high-value goods from an intercepted truck and replacing them with expired and damaged goods.

According to sources, the customs staff acted on a tip-off from Collector Ali Abbas Gardezi and Deputy Collector Dr Zohaib Sandhela, who received credible information regarding theft of high value goods by Customs officials.

According to the FIR, the incident took place on the night of February 1-2, 2024, when a truck trailer/container carrying foreign-origin goods was intercepted by Customs squad at JCP Sakhi Sarwar and taken to the Customs warehouse at D.G.Khan.

However, another truck trailer/container followed the intercepted truck and entered the warehouse premises. The driver of the second truck claimed that he was carrying whey powder, but upon inspection, it was found that the bags were expired and damaged.

The FIR further stated that 30-35 labourers then unloaded the whey powder bags from the second truck and shifted the foreign-origin goods from the intercepted truck to the second truck. The foreign-origin goods included skimmed milk, welding electrodes, cigarettes, poppy seeds, dry yeast, tyres and fabric rolls.

The FIR accused Superintendent Shahid Naseem Joiya, Inspector Ghulam Mustafa, Inspector Shehbaz Younis Bhatti and sepoy Talib Hussain of being present at the scene and facilitating the theft of the goods. The accused then allowed the second truck to leave the warehouse by misleading the gate security staff.

The FIR also named Syed Aziz, the owner of the foreign-origin goods, as a co-accused in the case. He allegedly managed the replacement of goods with the help of the Customs officials.

The FIRs said that the preliminary investigation confirmed the involvement of the accused in the crime and that further action would be taken against them.