KARACHI: All is set for polls tomorrow across the country despite increased attacks by terrorist, the latest being the two  bomb attack one in Khano Zai, and another in Qila Saiffullah Balochistan,  outside elections office of candidates killing over two dozen people.

No party is taking part from all the four provinces and thus a national party will not be seen emerging as winner.

The confusion over winning political entity is increasing an so increasing are fears that a hung parliament and a week national unity government will be the future of Pakistan that suits certain quarters. PML (N) is seen limited to Punjab and Balochistan with few candidates placed in KPK and Sindh. PPPP is concentrating on Sindh alone and may lose its impression of being a national party. JUI (F) has also decided to remain in low profile and fielded candidates in its strong hold constituencies.

PTI and its independent candidates may stir the situation as per popular trends,  despite all efforts to disrupt PTI’s vote bank, its workers and supporter are active and ready to turn the table.

The  armed forces of Pakistan have  been deployed to ensure free and peaceful elections yet people fear trouble on election day and thereafter. The sheer commitment to hold elections as scheduled is now guaranteed and irrespective of results, the continuation of democratic process is a ray of hope for good days ahead.