KARACHI: With only 9 days left to holding of General Elections on Feb 8, the lecture, activity, grace and tolerance appears to be missing amid increase in incidents of election related violence.

The first death is reported from Karachi where participants of two biggest political parties of Sindh clashed resulting in the death of a worker who was claimed to be UC In-charge.

The candidates from almost all parties are banking on rallies but door to door campaign, a haul mark of election campaign is missing as still there are doubts about elections as scheduled. The dynamics have changed and so appears to be the mood of the voters which may result in a very poor turn out. The election 2024 may prove to be election with lowest ever turn out.

The violence has gripped Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KPK) where  attacks on politicial workers and security agencies have considerably increased in current month. It is feared that anti-Pakistan elements will increase their nefarious activities to harm the election process which is already at lowest ebb.

Analyst believe that a single incident can derail the electioneering and polling and jeopardize the holding of general elections inspire of all efforts by state elements and clear orders from the top judiciary. Safety of the people and integrity of the country can become a  basis for postponement of elections. The changing weather and late onset of winter, snow and closure of major communication networks in Northern area of country may also become a reason for a delay.

The estimated/projected lowest turn-out may also cast a shadow on election 2024 and “surprise vote” to an ousted political party is likely to turn post polling days a night mare for some top politicians who are presenting themselves as “Prime Minister in Waiting”.