KARACHI: Several people have been nabbed by I&I Karachi for pilfering POL products from PARCO pipeline and an FIR has been filed. The suspects have also been remanded for 15 days.

Director Customs Intelligence & Investigation Karachi Engineer Habib Ahmed tipped off that some dishonest elements were siphoning off POL products that were being transported from Karachi to PARCO Muzaffargarh via White Oil Pipeline at Port Qasim and selling them in the market. The POL products were not duty paid.

Fearing that the culprits might get rid of the stolen POL products anytime, I&I Karachi team searched every corner of the premises under the guidance of Mr. Syed Irshad Ali Shah, Superintendent, to recover the stolen/non duty paid POL products hidden there.

The search team found a 174 ft long tunnel that connected to PARCO’s White Oil Pipeline, three vehicles with hidden tanks filled with stolen/non duty paid POL products, and a Suzuki Swift Car that was used as a scout to transport the stolen/non duty paid POL products.

The tenant/possession holder and other culprits who were present there were Attaullah, Amjad Ali, Munshi, Naseebo Khan, Imran Siddique, Vijaish Kumar, Mohammad Wafa Brohi, Mohammad Usman Tanveer, Irfan and Aamir. The goods and vehicles were confiscated and the people were arrested.

Lutuf Siyal and Mir Murtaza were the brains and operators behind this whole unlawful operation. Haji Aziz was in charge of transporting the stolen POL products.