The Customs Enforcement Karachi has made a remarkable achievement in the month of December, as it registered 146 cases of smuggling and seized goods worth 1,007,842,858 rupees, including duty and taxes. The seized goods include contraband items, vehicles, electronics, fabrics, cigarettes, and narcotics.

The team of Customs Enforcement Karachi, led by Chief Collector Yaqoob Mako, has been performing very well in curbing the menace of smuggling and protecting the national economy. The team also includes Collector Basit Abbasi, Additional Collector Dawood Pirzado, Deputy Collector Asfandyar, Assistant Collector Aman Sadiq, and Superintendent Azhar Malik.

Despite the impression that Enforcement Karachi has sufficient resources and staff, the reality is quite different. According to sources, many of the sepoys are posted at other collectorates and directorates, leaving only a few available for operations. Enforcement Karachi has 7 check posts and 5 joint check posts, manned by 36 inspectors and 90 sepoys. The officials work in two shifts, but only 15-18 sepoys are left for field operations.

Moreover, Enforcement Karachi does not have any funds for informers, labors, or other expenses, which hampers its efficiency and effectiveness. The officials also have to follow the law and avoid using firearms, as Section 163, 4C of the Customs Act gives them the power to do so, but it has not been implemented. They also have to be careful not to injure or kill any of the smugglers, as that would result in legal cases against them.

Despite these challenges, Customs Enforcement Karachi has shown commendable performance and dedication in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities. The team has received appreciation and recognition from the higher authorities and the public for its efforts and achievements.