KARACHI: The Customs Intelligence and Investigation (I&I) Karachi has achieved a remarkable feat in the month of September 2023 by seizing smuggled goods worth Rs1.406 billion, exceeding the assigned target of Rs1.0 billion. The I&I Karachi has also disrupted the network of the smugglers and arrested several suspects involved in the illegal trade.

The seized goods include fuel, vehicles, electronics, cigarettes, betel nuts, cloth, tyres, auto parts, and other items. The I&I Karachi has conducted several raids and operations across the city and its outskirts to curb the menace of smuggling.

The Director of I&I Karachi, Engineer Habib, appreciated the efforts of his team and said that they have followed the instructions of the Additional Director Afzaal Wattoo, Deputy Director Wasif Malik, Assistant Director Saud Hasan and Superintendent Irshad Shah to intensify the campaign against smuggling. He also thanked the district administration and the security and law enforcement agencies for their cooperation and support in this regard.

The I&I Karachi has vowed to continue its crackdown on smuggling and protect the national economy from the adverse effects of this illegal activity. The I&I Karachi has also appealed to the public to report any information or complaint related to smuggling on their helpline number.